Search Help

 Set categories to "All Categories". Enter keyword(s) in the search field.

When using more than one keyword Do Not use quotes ("), commas ( , ), AND or OR. Put a single space between entries.

If you can't find your subject using the singular form of the keyword try the plural or visa versa. Also try a different form of the word: Ex. happy happiness.

You may enter a photo's I.D. number in the search field to call up that image.

For a comprehensive image list go to the Site Map and click on Stock Photo List.


The lightbox is the place you can save photos you are interested in, want to send to collegues or save for future reference.

Click on lightbox under any photo to save that image to the lightbox. You may save as many images as you want and can add to your lightbox at any time.

To view the lightbox click on the lightbox button on the upper right. Here you can review your images, clear the lightbox or e-mail it to yourself and/or a collegue.

Images remain in the lightbox for 90 days. After that you can enter photo i.d. numbers in the search field to rebuild the lightbox.


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